Winter Blues


Day two of nothing but clouds, followed by snow. I think there was a time when I did enjoy winter and snow. Not that snow isn’t beautiful. It can be beautiful at times. Maybe is because I’ve gotten older and as it says the older we get, we tend to change. I have grown to dislike winter. Especially when we have to many days that looks like this. 


During my drive to the supermarket , I caught the red traffic light. As I looked around and looked at the view of the small white church that I always pass on my way to the supermarket. It was such a beautiful view. How the clouds looked, the naked trees, the pine trees along side the wooden fence and how the church stood out. The day looking so blue, I quickly grabbed my phone to take a quick pic before the light changed. I think is moments like these, is when I do appreciate a gloomy winter day like this one.


Since it’s been so cold and snowy these past few days, I decided to spend this time and take down my Christmas decorations that my husband has been asking me when I will be taking them down. Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year that I tend to keep up my decorations a little longer. I took them all down and decided to keep some winter like decor around the house. Here is one , I got this family of three snowman in the Dollar store. I’m not into snowman but this one I really liked. It represents my home, my family. For we are a family of three. I hung it right by my front door. So it will be the first thing my visitors see when they are entering my home.


Snowman candle holder that was given to me as a gift.


Snowman on a sled. One thing I like to do during the winter.


Perfect snowman with the Let It Snow sign he’s holding up, representing what winter really looks like. Winter blues.



Preparing for another freezing temperature that is headed our way tonight. Temperature dropping down to three degrees. I plan to stay indoors, layered up and under my covers watching the snow fall , that is headed our way.

I welcome spring like temperatures over this freezing temps that we have been getting hit with.

Until my next posting.

Stay warm and have a blessed day.



One comment

  1. I think this long, cold and snowy winter is getting to all of us. You’re right about the older we get the less we like winter. As a child, winter was fun. Sledding. Snowball fights. Building snowmen and snow forts. Now it’s work. Snow to clear, Vehicles to maneuver on icy roads. Care to be taken while walking. Our outlook changes with age and responsibilities and just being adults.

    That all said, I love the church photo. What a beautiful church.


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