Squirrels In My Backyard



There are two squirrels who regularly visit my yard. It all started when I placed two birdhouses/ birdfeeders in my yard . One day one squirrel happen to pass through my yard and saw that there was bird seeds in the bird house and began to nibble. Little did I know that squirrels like to eat seeds. I know they eat food from the trash cans like raccoons but never knew they like to eat seeds too.


This little cutie is a female grey squirrel.  20170507_123202

I took this picture from inside my home. She was looking inside waiting to be fed.


Here is the other squirrel who also comes daily for his feeding.


Here are the two squirrels . They have become so use to us that they no longer run away when were out in the yard.


Hanging out and looking at me as I snap a photo of them.

2017-05-22 13.14.48

Here is the whole family. Daddy, mommy and their babies


Aren’t these babies just adorable ♡


One last photo of the family of squirrels. They have become part of our family.


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