This was the day I married my soul mate. January 26. I remember it so clearly, feels like it was just yesterday. I met my husband twenty four years ago at a festival held in a high school parking lot on a beautiful summer day. That day we made eye contact . There were smiles and a small chat. But it wasn’t the day we began to date. About three weeks later is when we began to date. As we began to get to know each other and spend time together , is when we realized how small our world really is. There were so many times that we crossed each other’s path and never noticed each other. Our families  were connected somehow, through friends, neighbors etc. A month before we met , we happened to be vacationing in Puerto Rico . Once again we crossed each other’s path . We both happened to be at the same beach on the same day at the sometime.  For some reason we still didn’t see each other. I can tell you also that  eight months before we met. I had taken a trip to Cancun, Mexico and happened to meet a guy on my husband’s birthday who happened to have the same name as my husband. Are you seeing the signs I was receiving? For those of you who believe in soul mates , it can’t get anymore clearer then this. fb_img_1485309036045

God clearly had it all arranged for us to meet at the right season.


Three months after dating we got engaged.



Our second Christmas together .



Our first year anniversary as married couple .



Here are few photo of us over the past several years.



This is a photo of us taken during spring time on our date night.


We are truly blessed to still be together after all these years .  We have one person to thank for that. And that is, GOD!


Happy Anniversary To Us!

Thank You for reading my post, hope you enjoyed our story!




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