Happy New Year 2017

 To New Beginnings & Opportunities

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Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a great New Years. We have entered a New Year, and I’m  looking forward to new beginnings. I stopped doing New Years Resolution. I have set some goals that I hope to accomplish with God’s blessings. One is to return back to school. Is something  I though about for a long time. And I feel is time for me to return back and fulfill my goals. With all the technology there is out there I can do it on my spare time while my son is in school in the comfort of my own home. Online. Thank God for technology.


Second is travel. I try to make it possible at least once every other year to travel somewhere we’ve never been.  This year am aiming for Virginia Beach.


And third, hoping to be able to purchase a bigger home. I love my current home, but I feel that my family is outgrowing our current home and is in need of more space. Especially my son. He is growing and he is in need of more space. I will  also like to have an extra room where I can work in. So hopefully this new year can bring me these things that I have listed as my goals. Of course with God’s blessings.



With that being said, that will be all for now. Thanks for reading my post. And have a blessed day!!!!


Until next time!



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  1. Sounds great! I hope, with God’s blessings, that all of these goals can be accomplished before year’s end. I will be doing my part, by continue to work hard and bring that income and make that happen.

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