Spring Fever

Pink tulips in a pot.
With the spring like weather we have been having these past few days is giving me spring fever. I can’t wait to start planting flowers, plants and decorating my yard. I have so many plans this coming spring on what plants I will be planting, as well as some DIY’s backyard decors I will be working on. I found some pictures online of something’s that I have in mind to do this spring and I thought I share them with you.

Starting off first I will be planting tulips just like the ones you see above in the front of my porch as well as in my backyard. I plan to plant many different colorful ones. Tulips are one of my favorite spring flowers. Is too bad that they don’t last throughout the summer. 3befdcea1166aa4926146853330ebee1

These beautiful coneflowers will also be in my new garden that I will be working on this spring. I plan to do a butterfly\hummingbird garden full of beautiful flowers that they like. I love butterflies and hummingbirds and I would love to see more of them in my garden while I relax in the mornings reading my bible.


Here is another picture of some beautiful colorful tulips surrounding  a birdbath . I will also be placing a birdbath in my new garden surrounded by either beautiful tulips or beautiful roses.



Here is a picture of a beautiful bird cage filled with beautiful purple flowers growing right through the bird cage. When I saw this , I just had to have this too in my garden. I will most likely be heading to my nearest Michael’s Store in search of bird cage .

Well until my next posting , hope everyone has a blessed day!




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