Blizzard 2016

Hello everyone I’m new to the world of blogging. The picture above is actually a picture of last year’s last snow storm. I did take pictures of this year’s storm but not as nice as this one. This one is just so beautiful that I felt it would be nice to display on my blog for those to enjoy the beauty of the frozen lake . Hope everyone was able to dig out their cars this morning. I know it took me one and half hours just to shovel my drive way and around my car, not counting the front and back porch I had to shovel. But I have to admit I had a little helper who shoveled some snow off my car and porch. I wish everyone a blessed day. Sorry my post was short. But as I mentioned earlier. I’m new to the blogging world. Keep warm and safe while shoveling snow. Take breaks when needed. We must all be safe and careful when shoveling snow. Until the next time I blog , I hope everyone enjoyed reading my blog and the beautiful picture of the frozen lake. God be with all!



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